by Jerry Lewis

Come thou fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy grace. Streams of mercy never ceasing, pour forth songs of loudest praise.

Robert robinson

Robert Robinson wrote this hymn in this 1600s, and it is still sung today in all kinds of worship venues. The story of the hymn mirrors the story of Robinson’s life, and ours too. His conversion was both instantaneous and ongoing. After a drunken bout with some friends, God convicted him of his sin and he found himself listening to the great George Whitefield preach on “the wrath to come.” Here are his words about that night…and a couple of years that followed.

Robert, son of Michael and Marise Robinson. Born in Swaffham, Norfolk, on Saturday, Sept. 27, 1735. Reborn on Saturday, May 24, 1752, through the powerful preaching of George Whitefield. And having tasted the pains of renewal for two and seven years, I found full and free absolution, through the precious blood of Jesus Christ (Tuesday, December 10, 1755), to whom be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.”

The reality is that God saved Robinson on May 24, 1752 and he came to a fuller awareness of what it meant to walk by grace in the next few years. Our salvation is called a new birth for a reason: you don’t know everything when you’re born…you’re born and you grow and know. So it is with living the Christian life. If you ever stop growing physically, you’re dead. If you ever stop growing spiritually, you’re dead.

Are you growing? Are you seeing fruit?

A prayer to the God who saved you and also sanctifies you. And, no, these aren’t my words. Listen and pray this song: