I’m not a fisherman. Yes, I’ve been fishing my fair share of times. I’ve seldom had an amazing day fishing–even though I once went fishing on the Gulf of Mexico and experienced the thrill of pulling in a decent-sized red snapper. There is one thing I know about fishermen, real fishermen–they go fishing not just for the catch, but for the joy of being in or on the water.

So why all this talk about fishing? Jesus called us “fishers of men.” And many of you did just that. You invited someone to join you for worship Sunday. And they came. Or perhaps they didn’t. I’m proud of you for inviting. I really am. For some of you, inviting someone to worship is a real risk. I get that. My encouragement: don’t stop asking. I would rather annoy someone into heaven than ignore them into hell. If your “one” didn’t make it yesterday, share the link of the service with them (https://fbwat.ch/1NO099S2B3u19qCb).

Yesterday, 1554 people worshiped with us. We did our best to show and share the Gospel with them. More than one person told us that they could sense the happiness when they walked in the door. Thanks to all of you, from the parking lot to the pew (well actually, multicolored stacking chairs) who made Grace a happy place to be. That’s our desire every single Sunday–that others see contented people loved by a gracious God.

And you’ve given enough to make sure that every Night to Shine guest is covered with a scholarship…and then some. Thanks for your gracious generosity. If you would like to serve alongside 175 people with special needs on February 7 as they celebrate the night of their lives, sign up here (https://www.graceforall.org/shine/).

Merry Christmas. I love you. It is a joy to be your pastor.