Yesterday was the most kids in Kids Worship we have had since I have been here at Grace! To God be the glory! We had 49 in the first service with 18 in the second.

This is very exciting! This reflects solely on our Lord.

We worked on the transitions this week, and everything went much a lot smoother than last week!

We spent our time talking about David’s friendship with Jonathan, King Saul’s son. This was a friendship that was not welcomed by King Saul. King Saul was furious with David because God chose him to be the next king.

The friendship between David and Jonathan survived the hatred King Saul had toward David. This opens up great paths for conversation!

  1. Who are your friends at school?
  2. Who would you say is your “best friend”? (Tell them your best friend, too.)
  3. What are ways that your best friend shows they are your friend?
  4. How do you show them?
  5. Read 1 Samuel 19:1-3.
  6. How was Jonathan being a good friend to David?
  7. Do you think Jonathan disobeyed his father by telling David to hide?
  8. Do you think it was ok for Jonathan to disobey his father?
  9. Should you disobey your parents?
  10. What are some other ways you can show your friendship towards people? (Eventually land on sharing the Gospel with them. This is a great act of love we can show people.)

As always, please adjust where you need! God bless.