Yesterday was our first day going back to a two Kids Worship model. It was awesome!

There are still some adjustments to make with the transitions, but we will adapt and smooth those out.

I preached the 9:30 service, and Joshua Kilgo preached the 11:00 service. He did a fantastic job, and the kids responded well!

Our story from yesterday was about how God chose David to be the next king and how he defeated Goliath. Our main idea was that God gave David power to defeat Goliath. We went through how Samuel went to Jesse’s house and chose David over his seven brothers.

Will Winters came into Kids Worship dressed as Goliath and we had a kid from each service throw a stone (balled up piece of paper) at his head! It was awesome!

God gave David power to defeat Goliath. It was not David’s size, experience, or tenacity. It was God. This is a good start to today’s Conversation Starters!

  • Read 1 Samuel 16:7.
  • Why didn’t God choose one of David’s other brothers? I mean, they were fit to be king, right?
  • Why did God choose David instead of his brothers?
  • Do you believe that the character of the heart is more important than physical appearance?
  • To help answer that, let’s look at Goliath. How big was Goliath?
  • Why did God choose David to defeat Goliath? There were many capable men, right?
  • If God could use a small man defeat Goliath with one stone, how strong do you think God is?
  • What are some ways God can be strong for you? (Parents: tell your kids about a way God can be strong for you as well)

As always, feel free to change whatever! God bless.