The Holy Spirit was evident at Grace yesterday. It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit moving. The only person who receives glory is our good, good Father.

Little Pike Jr. brought the message to the kids in Kids Worship yesterday. I heard only great things about it! After reading his sermon, I truly believe that he did awesome.

The Conversation Starters are based off of Pike’s sermon in Kids Worship. It goes directly with what I preached in Adult Worship. If you missed the sermon yesterday, please listen to it here. Please adjust these questions to fit you and your kiddos!


  • What is something that you are scared of?
  • Are you scared of thunderstorms?
  • If not, what is something you are scared of?
  • Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm (or whatever you are scared of)?
  • Have you ever sung a song in the middle of it?
  • Habakkuk was in the middle of a storm and sang a song. How did he do that?
  • He did that because he had to Remember What God Had Done. What is something God has done in the past to help you feel safe? (Ended the thunderstorm? Got you through a scared time?)
  • Habakkuk also had to Remember Why God Did It. (Read Habakkuk 3:13). Did you know that God helps you in the storm because he loves you?
  • Habakkuk also had to Anticipate What God Will Do. (Read Habakkuk 3:16).
  • Habakkuk was clearly scared, right? He knew that God would get him through the storm because he had done it before.
  • Choose a song that you love. The next time you are scared, sing that song. And remember that God has protected you before, and he will do it again.