What an awesome day to worship our Lord yesterday! It is comforting to know that even in the midst of evil God will have his way.

God is never not sovereign over us.

In Kids Worship, we used different “woes” than adult worship did. If you did not hear Jerry’s sermon from yesterday, please listen here. I will give my five woes compared to Jerry’s five woes so that you can know how to ask the kids:

  1. The Robber Robbed / The Pillager Pillaged
  2. The Protected Destroyed / The Fortified Dismantled
  3. The City Disrupted / The Civilized Demoralized
  4. The Rude Dishonored / The Shameless Defamed
  5. The Pagan Powerless / The Pagan Idolator

This is just so you (the parent) know what we talked about. Here are the Conversation Starters!

  • Have you ever had a player on your team to never came to practice, but they played in games?
  • Have you ever had a friend in class who’s parents did their homework and they made better grades than you?
  • Is that fair?
  • Is God in sovereign even though they prosper?
  • King Nebuchadnezzar was evil. Was God sovereign even though he was destroying nations?
  • Nebuchadnezzar did many bad things to people, what did God say would happen to Nebuchadnezzar? (He would get what he deserved.)
  • What does the cup represent? (God’s wrath.)
  • If Nebuchadnezzar would have to receive God’s wrath because of his sin, who took God’s wrath for us? (Jesus.)