Eternal Father,

It is amazing love that you have sent your Son to suffer in my stead, that you have added the Spirit to teach, comfort, guide, that you have allowed the ministry of angels to wall me round.

All heaven subserves the welfare of a poor worm.

Permit your unseen servants to be ever active on my behalf, and to rejoice when grace expands in me. Suffer them never to rest until my conflict is over, and I stand victorious on salvation’s shore.

Grant that my proneness to evil, deadness to good, resistance to your Spirit’s motions, may never provoke you to abandon me. May my hard heart awake your pity, not your wrath, and if the enemy gets an advantage through my corruption, let it be seen that heaven is mightier than hell, that those for me are greater than those against me.

Arise to my help in richness of covenant blessings. Keep me feeding in the pastures of your strengthening Word, searching Scripture to find you there.

If my waywardness is visited with a scourge, enable me to receive correction meekly, to bless the reproving hand, to discern the motive of rebuke, to respond promptly and do the first work.

Let all your fatherly dealings make me a partaker of your holiness. Grant that in every fall I may sink lower on my knees, and that when I rise it may be to loftier heights of devotion.

May my every cross be sanctified, every loss be gain, every denial a spiritual advantage, every dark day a light of the Holy Spirit, every night of trial a song.

From The Valley of Vision p. 242-243