by David Grindstaff

We serve an amazing, faithful God! But there is one thing that our God cannot do and that is fail. Let’s take a look at Joshua 6:1-7. In this passage we discover that the Israelites were up against a battle they couldn’t even begin to fight, much less win. The impassable wall that surrounded the city of Jericho prohibited the Israelites from even having a chance. However, God NEVER losses a battle! Just as this passage goes on to tell us, the Israelites followed God’s instructions and once again God proved faithful.

Not only does God never lose a battle, God never wastes a battle.

When I say God doesn’t waste a battle, I’m talking all the way down to how the walls of Jericho fell to the ground on the seventh day. Some scholars believe the walls would have fallen in such a way that the walls themselves would have become ramps into the city of Jericho. The very thing that was constructed to keep people out of the city of Jericho was the very thing that God broke down in such a way that it helped the Israelites into the city of Jericho! Talk about not wasting! 

We all deal with battles daily in one way or another. Remember when you are faced with battles of your own remain faithful to the one that is always faithful to you! If God chooses to see you through the battle you are facing, he is not only seeing you through it, he is also equipping you for future battles. In some instances, the battle that you are facing today, may be what you need to help someone else through a similar battle tomorrow. 

As you go through the rest of this week, remember, God never loses the battle, and God never wastes a battle. Whatever you may be facing, belongs to Him, so remain faithful and call on Him…He will be faithfully waiting!

Father, I thank you for this day and all your many blessings. God, we know your faithfulness is never ending. All throughout scripture, we see undeniable evidence of just how faithful you are to your children. There is such sweet peace in holding to the promise that you will never change.  Even in the midst of a storm, there you will be, faithfully waiting for us with open arms. God, forgive me when I lose sight of this. Thank you so much for being the one thing in life that never changes, thank you for being a faithful loving father…In your holy name I pray, Amen!

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