by Caleb Jones

Good”. A word we are very familiar with. It is such an interesting word because it gets used a lot of different ways in our vocabulary. We use it to encourage others: Good work or Good job! We use it to describe things or events–like a meal, That was some good food. We use it at as a curse when we get frustrated: good grief. Likewise, we can use the word to contradict other people. 

Others can deem something good that is contrary to someone else’s definition of good. For example, one may find lying to be a good quality. Especially if they are trying to hide. Others may find the use of falsehoods to be destructive and harmful to themselves and everyone around them. So, if my definition of good is different than your definition of good, then how do we know what is actually good? I am so glad you asked. 

We can know what is good because it is possible to know the only one who is good. Jesus is, in himself, completely, totally, and wholly good. 

“For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”

Psalm 100:5

Everything that is right, true, complete, whole, and pleasant is found in the person of Jesus Christ. When you pray and ask the Lord to give you the fruit of the spirit, pray and ask him to give you more knowledge of who he is, more understating of his nature, and a deeper sense of awareness of what he has done for you and me. Cody Carnes, in his song, Good reminds us of our good God.

Here’s a prayer prompt. You can continue and pray as the Lord leads you.

Jesus, I was born with a distorted view of good and evil. Ever since Adam ate the fruit from that tree, we as mankind, have been redefining good and evil in our own image. God, I lay down my definition of good at your feet in hopes that you would teach me what goodness actually is. In the midst of my anxiety, teach me what is good. In the midst of my pain, teach me what is good. In the midst of my doubts, teach me what is good. I ask that your mercy would fill my mind and my heart as I reflect on what you did for me on that splintered tree. As I humble myself seeking you with my whole heart, let your goodness saturate my soul. Teach me to understand the depths of your steadfast love which endures through my unfaithfulness, my children’s unfaithfulness, and my grandchildren’s unfaithfulness. Oh Lord, you are good. You will always be good. And I praise you for your goodness. In Jesus’ name,  Amen.

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