Our family really enjoys Disney. Our last trip was by car and it seemed we would never get there. Though we scheduled the drive to include a significant amount of “sleep” time (leaving in the middle of the night), it was still long…for two reasons: it’s a long way to Disney from Old Fort, and we can’t wait to get there!

In Psalm 25:5 David writes, “For you are the God of my salvation, for you I wait all the day long.” In order to understand biblical waiting, we must differentiate between waiting in traffic on Highway 70 and waiting on God. Highway 70 is annoying…waiting on God is filled with anticipation.

Waiting is action with an anticipated outcome.

Waiting on God does not indicate inaction any more than waiting on getting to Disney means sitting at your house wishing you were there. If you’re going to Disney, you drive while you wait. You stop and eat while you wait. You sleep while you wait. You have visions in your head of seeing Cinderella’s castle while you wait. You see yourself on your favorite ride while you wait.

Recently Joe Head shared this with me…

W.A.I.T.=Will Answer In Time.

I think of it two ways:  we can w.a.i.t. because 1) God WILL ANSWER and 2) He will answer IN(/at the right)TIME.”–Joe Head

I wonder what God is going to do while we w.a.i.t.

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  1. Me too, but I’m waiting with confident expectation! Even during this challenging time, good stuff is indeed in the works…”things hoped for, but not yet seen..”


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