jeshoots-com-mSESwdMZr-A-unsplashTypically this blog goes out promptly at 8:30. Not this morning. My computer wouldn’t work. I had to restart it just to be able to get on the site and write. Earlier when I was praying, I returned to a practice I began about a year ago. It is a four-part prayer of intentions that Doug Haag shared with me. This morning I didn’t make it past the first part of the prayer:

  1. Prayer of Presenting Oneself as a Sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2): the spiritual discipline of presenting oneself to God as a living sacrifice, open to Him and His will in all things.

Prayer of Intention: “Lord, I am here, I present myself to you. Here I am.” This protects the will from becoming asleep to the will and Person of God.

As I began to pray I wrote these words:tZS+boPLRGi7AsfedSBUNA

The last question you see in my journal was the one that caught my attention: What is the one way you (God) can use me today in each of the above roles? I began to pray through each role.

As your pastor, I sensed God saying to me that tonight, at our midweek online service, I should talk about waiting. I’m blown away that waiting is more the norm in Scripture (and in life) than getting things quickly. And I am afraid that Google, Amazon, and McDonalds have not served us well. By nature we are impatient. Now, more than ever, we have been enculturated to be impatient.

So you will have to wait for the rest of this message…tonight. I know I’m messing with you…kinda on purpose. Tune in to Facebook at 7 tonight for some great, low-key music and a few words on the normalcy of waiting.

I really do think it will be worth your wait.



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