Last Saturday we watched and waited. For days we anticipated what Florence would do. Forecasters warned us about the North Fork River, Mill Creek and Catawba River. The impact of Florence seemed ominous.

We were spared. Florence did not hurt us. The rain came but the flood did not overwhelm us.

Many were not. Pictures of the devastation cause us to gasp. North East Volunteer Fire Department was flooded and all but two of the firemen completely lost their homes.


Many people lost everything. They lost their homes, their businesses, their schools, their county support. Devastating seems too small of a word to describe it. Craig Walker, Director of Operations for our local EOC who has been serving in Dublin County, sent these pictures:

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We were spared to serve. Beginning tomorrow (9/23) morning, our first volunteers will leave from Grace to go serve. Our aim is to send teams as many weeks as we have volunteers available to go serve for the next two years. Also tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm (9/23) a truck will pull out loaded with supplies. At Grace, we are providing diapers and wipes. Come to worship tomorrow with open hearts and arms full.

For more information, or to sign up to serve go to