Monday, June 4

Scripture: Mark 1:40-45

You’ve got this one!

Tuesday, June 5

Scripture: Mark 2:1-12

Scripture Reading Skill: Observation

And you’ve got this one too.

Wednesday, June 6

Scripture: Mark 2:13-17

Scripture Reading Skill: Interpretation

  1. Who were tax collectors and sinners? They were the outcasts in Jesus’ day, the most notorious sinners. Tax collectors bilked their own people out of money. They were turncoats.
  2. What is the significance that they were “reclining” with Jesus at table? The scribes felt that if Jesus was really God he would never associate with such people. He would perceive who they are and abandon them altogether.
  3. What did Jesus’ statement, “those who are well have no need of a physician…” mean? That doctors are for sick people, just as Jesus came for sinners who are sick in their sin.

Thursday, June 7

Scripture: Mark 2:18-22

Scripture Reading Skill: Application

  1. What is fasting?  Abstaining from food and other distractions for the sake of worshipping or praying.
  2. Have you ever fasted? Why?
  3. What 3 examples did Jesus give to make his point? Wedding guests and the bridegroom; new piece of cloth on an old garment; new wine into old wineskins
  4. How can you, in light of those 3 examples, live for Jesus today? Tomorrow?


Friday, June 8

Scripture: Mark 2:23-28

Scripture Reading Skill: Review the skills you’ve learned so far

  1. What is the Sabbath? The day set aside by God in the Old Testament for his people to rest from their work and worship.
  2. Why shouldn’t they pick grain on the Sabbath? It was against the OT law.
  3. How did Jesus change their perspective of the Sabbath? Well, he probably didn’t change their perspective, but his perspective was that the Sabbath was created to serve humankind, not the reverse.
  4. What can you do to experience the Sabbath in your own life?