Monday, May 28

Scripture: Mark 1:14-15

You’ve got this one…

Tuesday, May 29

Scripture: Mark 1:16-20


Questions to answer:

  1. What are the key words (words that jump out to you)? So these are the key words/phrases that caught my attention: “I will make you become”; immediately (2x); they left their father. I think there’s something rich in the phrase “I will make you become.” Jesus doesn’t magically make them fishers of men. No. He makes them become fishers of men–it involves both an action and a process. I love that.
  2. How does your understanding of this text relate to your own call to salvation?

Wednesday, May 30

Scripture: Mark 1:21-28

Questions to answer. How many questions can you write from this passage? Now try to find the answers.

  1. Where is Capernaum?
  2. What day is the Sabbath?
  3. What were the synagogues used for?
  4. Why did Jesus teach in a synagogue?
  5. What does astonished mean?
  6. What was the difference between the way Jesus taught and the scribes taught?
  7. What is an unclean spirit.
  8. Was he loud when he cried out?
  9. Why did he say “us?” Who was the “us?”
  10. How did he know who Jesus was?
  11. Why did Jesus tell him to be silent?
  12. Why did Jesus rebuke “him” when the man said it was “us?”
  13. What does “The Holy One of God?” mean. Why is it in all caps?
  14. How did the man convulse?
  15. Was it a mad cry (like a spoiled kid not getting his way) or a defeated cry (like a cry of submission)?
  16. Why were they so amazed? Was this unusual? Could the scribes not do this?
  17. How did his fame spread? Word of mouth?

Map of Israel in New Testament Times with Roads

Thursday, May 31

Scripture: Mark 1:29-34

Scripture Reading Skill: Reading Repeatedly

Read the passage in your translation. Now read it in another translation. Next, listen to it. (I’m serious!) Read it out loud. You got this one!

Friday, June 1

Scripture: Mark 1:35-39

Scripture Reading Skill: Do what Jesus did here. Read it and do what he did. Wow! Prayer is an incredible gift from God.  Enjoy your time with the Lord.