Raise your hand if you need this to get up and going in the morning? (I’m raising mine!) This picture looks so good! Most of us need coffee to wake us up in the morning. You might even say that we need coffee to give us life in the morning!

Yesterday in Kids Worship, we talked about one of the craziest miracles in Scripture.

Ezekiel 37 gives us a glimpse of the vision that God gave to Ezekiel. In this vision, Ezekiel is standing in a valley that is full of dead, dry bones.

God asks Ezekiel, “Can these bones come to life?” Ezekiel answers by telling God that only He could know. God, then, tells Ezekiel to speak to the dry bones. Ezekiel does what he is asked.

All of a sudden, the bones began to move. There was a rattling sound. Bones began to come together. Tendons began to form around the bones. Then, flesh appeared on the bones. Lastly, skin formed on the flesh. But there was one thing missing: breath.

God told Ezekiel to speak to the lifeless bodies and command breath to come into them. And it did. To witness breath coming into these lifeless soldiers would have been breathtaking (pun intended).

Thousands of deceased soldiers took their first breath for the second time. Aside from creation, this gives us a clear glimpse of the fact that God gives life.

This is truly something we can all testify to. I know I can. Before Christ I was like one of those lifeless bodies laying in the valley.

After coming to know Christ, I know what it is like to take the first breath for the second time. He has given me hope, a purpose, and life.

I am praying for you as you discuss this story with your kiddos!

Here are the Conversation Starters:

  • Have you ever made something or created something?
  • Were you able to give that thing life?
  • I want you to take something you made and try to breath on it. See if it comes alive! (This may seem silly, but it will prove a point.)
  • Were you able to give it life?
  • Scripture tells us that God gave life by breathing into something. How is this possible?
  • Why can’t we give life that way?
  • Is it weird to think that God breathed life into you?
  • Do you think his breath stinks?
  • Other than when we are born, when else does God breathe life into us? (Salvation)
  • Another time when God breathes life into us is when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Have you done this?

As always, adjust where needed. God bless!