Yesterday morning in Kids Worship, we discussed David’s sin with Bathsheba. Last week we talked about God’s covenant with David. A covenant is different than a contract. A contract says that if you break your end of the agreement, then I don’t have to keep mine.

A covenant says that even if you don’t hold your end of the bargain, I will still keep mine. In this week’s lesson, the kids learned about how David messed up, but God still kept his end of the covenant.

This great story shows us that sin is awful, and it will cause us to perform awful acts. David acted in a way to try and hide his sin from everyone. There is one who will always see our sin: God.

David had to face the punishment for his sin: the death of his child. It is vital that children know that we are forgiven from sins, but we must still face the consequences.

Here are the Conversation Starters for this week:

  • Have you ever tried to hide your sin? (Talk about a time when you did.)
  • Is it right to try and hide your sin?
  • Who will always know that you sinned?
  • Even though God chose David to be king, was David perfect?
  • Read 2 Samuel 12:14
  • What was David’s punishment?
  • What is a punishment you usually receive?
  • Do you deserve the punishment? (Most of the time…)
  • Are we forgiven even though we are punished?
  • Why must we be punished even though we are forgiven?
  • Pray this Psalm together: Psalm 51:10.

As always, adjust where needed! God bless.