1) Thou shalt have a technology fast – choose a day or time of day to be together without technology; I promise you won’t fall behind what’s trending.

Idea: Set time of day restrictions on devices – kitchen counter, not in bedroom


2) Thou shalt have boundaries on where devices may be used:

Ideas: No phones in bedrooms; no devices at the dinner table; no phones at the restaurant; regulate use of devices on vacations


3) Thou shalt teach kids to use technology wisely:

Idea: Remind them that digital reputations last a lifetime; it’s impossible to express yourself in 140 characters or less


4) Thou shalt hold kids accountable, but with grace.


5) Thou shalt not replace conversation with connectivity – emotional connection is lost with text

Ideas: No devices over conversation; avoid using technology in place of convo or community; no texting or talking on phone over important personal issues; no texting when you’re all together at home or in the same room; don’t allow technology to babysit your kids


6) Thou shalt watch out for media isolation – it’s easy to become isolated from human interaction while being connected to everyone online


7) Thou shalt not discourage technology

Ideas: Kids will need skills for the future, so actively engage them in the use of technology


8) Thou shalt provide a safe environment for media consumption

Ideas: Set age restrictions for social media; set limits on TV or computer games (3 days a week; movie ratings, etc.); place filters on technology


9) Thou shalt teach and show your children that self-worth is not calculated by number of likes, shares or retweets.


10) Thou shalt model the behavior you want from your kids



*Much of this material was taken from Family Life Today & Focus on the Family.