If you were sitting in Fatz Cafe and I walked up to you, would you give me your food? You might give me your leftovers…

What if Jesus walked up to you? Would you give him the whole plate or just the leftovers?

It is so easy to give Jesus our leftovers in regard to worship. Life gets busy, kids have games, and work is stressful.

Jerry preached an amazing sermon that addressed this topic. If you haven’t heard it, please listen here.

In Kids Worship, we talked about giving God our entire plate of food because he gave us the food in the first place. Here are the Conversation Starters:

  1. Have you ever served someone else?
  2. Read Joshua 24:15
  3. What does it mean to serve the Lord?
  4. How can you serve the Lord?
  5. Have you ever been mad because you weren’t allowed to play video games?
  6. Have you ever been mad because you missed a game? (Baseball, basketball, etc.)
  7. Is it a sin to play video games, baseball, (or some other hobby)? (No)
  8. Can we still serve God while we play these things? (Yes)
  9. How can we do that?

Enjoy and adjust if you need to!