In 2016 I hope I…

  1. Text less. Talk more.
  2. Watch less. Read more.
  3. Talk less. Listen more.
  4. Spend less.  Give more.
  5. Eat less. Exercise more.
  6. Judge less. Love more.
  7. Worry less. Pray more.
  8. Work less. Parent more.
  9. Surf less. Porch sit more.
  10. Doubt less. Believe more.
  11. Waste less. Invest more.
  12. Work less. Date (Wendy of course!) more.
  13. Hesitate less. Share the Gospel more.
  14. Wander less. Focus more.
  15. Stress less. Trust (God) more.
  16. Forget less. Memorize (God’s Word) more.

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  1. I could work on all these times ten. Of course dating Craig more!!!! Thanks for always being open and real! You are such a great example for our Church!! This is why we are so blessed to have you as our pastor!!!!

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