Consider the following quote from J.D. Greear’s book, Jesus Continued:

hand“In every age, the church faces the danger of degrading itself from a movement to a place, from a conduit of God’s mighty, rushing wind to a sacred place where we seek serene, spiritual moments; from a rescue station to a spiritual country club.” (page 49)

What the church is not.

The church is not a building. If it were, and it happened to be destroyed by fire, the church would no longer exist. Since the church is not a building, you don’t go to church on Sunday. You are the church Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The church is not deposit account from which we make withdrawals when we need God. If it were, worship would be all about what I could get rather than what God has done. Church services would be little more than customer satisfaction events appeasing those who attend.

The church is not a country club. If it were, you could buy your way in and sign yourself out when the club voted on a rule you didn’t like. Your position in the club would depend on your ability to pay the club’s bills.

What the church is.

The church is a movement. It is dynamic, not static; changing, not stagnate. It got its start with a mighty rushing wind that swept through the upper room, swept the disciples off their feet and into the streets of Jerusalem and to all parts of the known world.

The church is a conduit. Through it flow the grace of God, the Gospel of the cross, the compassion of the Savior. Through God’s church, grace flows in and grace flows out. When grace ceases flowing out, the church ceases to be the church.

The church is a rescue station. As soon as someone is rescued, their attention turns to the dying people around them. They want to rescue others. For 2,000 years the church has rescued the perishing.

Who is within your arm’s reach today? Who is drowning in sin crying out for a Savior?