Sunday we were privileged at Grace to ordain Gale Wilson and Adrian Early into Christian ministry. What a remarkable day as Grace affirmed God’s call on these men. My succinct definition of ordination is: a church affirming and confirming God’s call one someone’s life into the Gospel ministry. Some of you have been curious as to the questions Adrian and Gale answered. Here they are. Allow this to give you an appreciation for the preparation these two men made prior to Sunday.  Here goes.


  1. Special and general revelation
  2. Inspiration, inerrancy and infallibility
  3. Illumination and interpretation defined
  4. Is the canon closed, is revelation ongoing?

Theology Proper

  1. The Trinity
  2. Attributes of God.
  3. God as Creator.
  4. Decree, plan and will of God.


  1. Deity and attributes of Christ. His pre-existence.
  2. Incarnation and humanity
  3. Earthly ministry – purpose and activities.
  4. Death, resurrection, ascension and return.


  1. Deity and “personhood.”
  2. His ministry related to Christ, believers and the world.
  3. Spiritual gifting
  4. Terms and concepts: Spirit baptism, indwelling, sealing, filling and fruit.

Angelology and Satanology

  1. Existence, creation and nature of angels.
  2. Holy angels – their purpose, work and ministry.
  3. Satan – who he is, his rebellion and fall, his present activity and judgment.
  4. Demons – their fall, work and judgment.
  5. Demonic oppression and possession – who can be possessed and how.

Anthropology and Hamartiology

  1. Theory of creation – literal, day/age, etc.
  2. The temptation and fall of man: original state, resultant state (sin nature), 
sin defined, the results of sin (penalty, depravity, inability).
  3. Transmission of sin: imputation, inheritance of sin.


  1. Grace/works in salvation
  2. What is the basis and cause of our salvation?
  3. How does one become a Christian – what is man’s responsibility?
  4. The results of salvation.
  5. Terms: election, foreknowledge, security, redemption, reconciliation, 
propitiation, conviction, glorification, sanctification.


  1. Origin, essence and foundation of the church.
  2. Christ as Head, purpose and ministry of the church.
  3. Church leadership and government.
  4. Church ordinances.


  1. Death and resurrection.
  2. The Great Tribulation – purpose, time and participants.
  3. Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ.
  4. Eternal state, new heaven and earth.

Please congratulate Adrian Early ( and Gale Wilson (