I think the answer lies in the kind of body Jesus had.  His post-resurrection body had qualities that, I believe, our bodies will have when we are in heaven.  Once Jesus resurrected, he was in “ascension mode.”  Jesus lived with a mission.  Before the cross, he focused on the cross.  Once he was resurrected, he focused on his ascension.

His body possessed the ability to enter a room with a closed door, yet he allowed Thomas to touch him, and showed Thomas his scar in his side.  Jesus was not recognized by the fishing disciples, but then recognized once he caught some fish.  He and Peter ate fish together.  He had a real body with the spiritual capacity to transcend spatial limitations.

One point of reference is oddly enough the angel of the Lord in the OT, specifically in his appearance to Samson’s parents.  If you want to study further, Judges 13 gives the account.  Not the similarities of Jesus’ conversation with Mary Magdalene and his (yes I think this was Jesus talking with Samson’s parents) conversation there.

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  1. I think some recognize Jesus and some do not for the same reason Jesus spoke to the people in parables. For those who have an ear to hear…let them hear what the Son of Man or the Spirit says. His sheep recognize His voice…..same as Mary did at the tomb.


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