Question:  Do you think that God’s overcoming grace can ultimately fail to overcome in an individual?  Does it necessarily overcome the elect?

I think God’s overcoming grace always overcomes the elect.  However, this is a question of perspective.  When we look forward toward salvation, we think of choosing God.  When we look back, it always seems that God chose us.  C. S. Lewis said this, “Everyone looking back on his own conversion must feel—and I am sure the feeling is in some sense true—“It is not I who have done this.  I did not choose Christ; He chose me.  It is all free Grace which I have done nothing to earn”.  That is the Pauline account; and I am sure it is the only true account of every conversion from the inside.  Very well.  It then seems to us logical and natural to turn this personal experience into a general rule, “All conversions depend on God’s choice”.  But this I believe is exactly what we must not do; for generalizations are legitimate only when we are dealing with matters to which our faculties are adequate.”

To make this into a law is perilous.  I don’t think God’s grace can ever fail–if an individual does not come to Christ it is not a failure on God’s part, it is a failure on the part of the individual to not respond to the grace of God.  We can never attribute failure to God.