Does looking at this kid reading a real map make you laugh? The more I look at it, the more I think his smile means that he has no idea what is going on with that huge piece of paper. Ok, enough with that…

Ever felt lost? As parents, you most likely have. It is scary not knowing where you are or where you are going. Thank goodness for GPS…

Have your plans ever been ruined? I am one of those people who’s temper gets tested when plans don’t go how I envisioned them.

Here is the truth: With God, you are never lost. He has a real plan for our us.

The prophet Jeremiah came to this realization early. God told him in Jeremiah 1 that before Jeremiah was born, God knew him. Not only that, he had already appointed him to be a prophet!

Before he was even born?? Yes! God knows us before we are even born. Why? Because he makes us who he wants us to be. Obviously he would know us if he is the one making us!

Jeremiah came up with the excuse that he was too young to be used by God as a prophet. God told him to not say that.

Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you, declares the Lord.

(Jeremiah 1:8 ESV)

How comforting is it to know that God is with us? Extremely!

I remember as a kid driving to Disney World with my parents. I was probably ten years old the first time I went. I remember not worrying about the destination. I knew that my dad was going to get us where we needed to be. The twelve hour drive was nothing because my dad knew where he was going.

The peace that I felt is how we need to think about God’s guidance of our life. God knows where we are going. Do you want to be a backseat driver or have peace knowing that God has the directions?

Here are the Conversation Starters:

  • Have you ever been in the car with your parents and worried about getting somewhere?
  • Did you ever think your parents’ didn’t know where they were going?
  • What was your reaction to them?
  • Have you ever been in the car with them and felt comforted that they knew where they were going?
  • God is the driver for your life. No matter what he will never get lost. Even when your parents do, he will not.
  • Read Jeremiah 1:5.
  • Is it weird that before you were born, God knew you?
  • How could it be that God knew you before you were born?
  • God has a plan for you, what was God’s plan for Jesus?
  • How does God’s plan for Jesus affect you?

As always, adjust where needed. God bless!