After Elijah ran from Jezebel, he went up to the mountain top to hear God speak to him in a soft whisper. God gave Elijah instructions on what he was to do next. He was going to anoint three people to key positions.

One of these key positions is Elijah’s job as prophet over Israel. A man named Elisha would take over this position.  As the prophet over Israel, the land of Aram attacked Israel and took people to be their servants.

A commander in this army from Aram was Naaman. He was good, but he also had leprosy. One of the Israelite girls who worked for Naaman’s wife told her about a man in Israel who could help him.

The king of Aram sent Naaman with a letter to the king of Israel. The letter said that Naaman was sent so that they could heal him. The king of Israel became upset because he was not God and had no power to heal this man!

Elisha heard about this, and he called Naaman to his house. Elisha told him to dip in the Jordan River seven times. Those were the instructions! Never before was a man healed from leprosy by dipping in the river!

Naaman was upset and began to leave. Elisha’s servants persuaded Naaman to do as he said. Naaman finally did what Elisha had said. Naaman’s skin was healed!

Naaman came back to Elisha and told him that he knew God was the one true God.

Here are the Conversation Starters for the kiddos:

  • Who was the prophet who replaced Elijah?
  • What disease did Naaman have?
  • Have you ever had chicken pox? Or a sunburn?
  • Do you know what leprosy is? (Explain that it is a skin disease that is very bad and eats away your skin. People with leprosy would be called unclean and shunned from society)
  • Was Elisha the one who healed Naaman? (No.)
  • Was the Jordan River the one that healed Naaman? (No.)
  • Who was the one who healed Naaman? (God.)
  • Has God ever healed you from something? (Parent: Talk about a time where God healed you.)


As always, adjust where needed! God bless.