This week’s Conversation Starters focus in on the story of Elijah and how he ran from Jezebel. This story comes in 1 Kings 19. Last week we read in the previous chapter how Elijah was on Mt. Carmel with the prophets of Baal.

After God showed who the One True God was, He told Elijah to kill the prophets. King Ahab told his wife Jezebel what Elijah had done, and she was not happy. She sent word to Elijah that in one day, she would have him killed.

Obviously, Elijah was scared. He fled into the wilderness where Jezebel could not find him. He was so scared that he asked God to take his life! After he prayed this, he took a nap. It is crazy to think how Elijah went from one extreme to the other. He went from sheer panic and desperation to complete rest. Only God could provide such peace.

An angel came and spoke to Elijah and gave him food. Then, he went back to sleep. The angel awoke him once again to give him more food that would sustain him for 40 days.

He traveled to Mt. Horeb where he hid in a cave. God asked him why he was there and then told him to go stand out on the mountain. When he was on the mountain, a great wind came. It was so great it tore rocks off of the mountain. But God was not in the wind.

Then, there was an earthquake, but God was not in the earthquake. Then, there was a fire, but God was not in the fire. All of a sudden, Elijah heard a whisper. It was a soft voice. As God began to speak to him, he asked Elijah¬†again what he was doing there. Elijah answered, “I have done my best to obey you. But these people are trying to kill me.”

God gave Elijah instructions on what to do next and Elijah was not killed by Jezebel.

Here are the Conversation Starters to have with your kiddos:

  • Elijah was scared of Jezebel. Have you ever been scared? (Parents: Tell of a time when you were scared.)
  • Did God protect Elijah? How?
  • Do you believe God protects you? If so, how? From what?
  • Elijah went 40 days without food. Do you think you can go 40 days without food?
  • How was Elijah able to do that? (God sustained him.)
  • So, there was a wind, an earthquake, and a fire. However, God was not in any of them was he? How did God speak to Elijah?
  • Why did God speak to God through a whisper? (Maybe because he was scared, and a whisper is what would calm him down.)
  • Elijah was a prophet who was hated by his enemies. Jesus was also hated by his enemies. What are some other similarities between Jesus and Elijah?
  • What are some differences?

As always, adjust where you need! God bless.