Some people are so excited that there is over a foot of snow on the ground. Some people wish the snow would just go away.

Regardless of where you stand on the topic, there is no denying the beauty of this white precipitation.

Yesterday, I walked out on to my porch and saw how perfect and smooth the snow lied in my yard. Untouched. It was beautiful.

Then after about 45 minutes of playing in the snow with my wife, I looked back on the snow that we had rolled in to make our snowman. We had ruined the perfect, smooth snow which lied in our yard.

What am I getting at?

Jesus paid it all.

All to Him I owe.

Sin had left a crimson stain.

He washed it white as snow.

This beautiful hymn that we sing comes to mind as I gaze at the snow. The snow lied perfectly until I messed it up. I made it dirty by stepping on it with my boots. I ruined the calm nature of it by rolling around in it.

I even tried to make my own creations in it: snow angel and snowman.

Here is the deal: only Jesus Christ can wash us and make us pure as snow. We cannot do it ourselves. We will fail miserably.

How thankful I am that because of His crimson blood, He washed me white as snow.

As you gaze out at the snow (regardless if you want it to go away or not), think about how Jesus has washed your sins away and given you a clean slate just like that smooth snow.

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